Big Country comes back to New Zealand

On March 24th2018 Big Country returned to Auckland as the last leg of their Australia & New Zealand Tour. This was the reverse of the 2016 tour that seen them begin in Auckland with two shows due to the first gig selling out very fast.

The band began this year’s tour in Perth WA followed by Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne before jumping over the ditch to Christchurch, Napier and Wellington prior to the gig at ‘The Studio’ in AKL.

To say I was excited to meet the boys again is an understatement, I was ecstatic. Having known and worked with the band in the UK I keep contact through texts, email and normally Facebook, meeting them in the flesh makes it all that much better.

I had purchased our tickets the July of 2017 and they had stayed clipped to the fridge door so I never forgot the date! On the day of reckoning my wife wasn’t feeling to great and it as looking like I’d be going to the gig myself so I texted the band and asked if they would like some pics taken by yours truly and they replied with a yes.

Rockin up to the door around 8ish I picked up my photo pass and entered just in time for the support band Tablefox striking up the first song of the night. They played seven numbers including their cover of David Bowies ‘Heroes’, a great band I will definitely try and see again on the Auckland circuit.

Then came the main act, as they walked onto the stage and struck the first guitar note of The Storm I was lost in the music I grew up with and never stopped loving. Having bought The Seer as my very first album back in 86 I have followed them, the sounds of Bruce and Jamie’s Guitars have me lost in my youth every time I hear them. Bruce said hellos and welcomed everybody then battered into Look Away to start the loyal followers into their first bounce of the evening. After 1000 Stars finished I removed myself from the pit as is the rules and went to the back of the venue to see and hear it from a distance having just spent three songs with right in front of the speakers, and, that’s where the bar was. Whilst there I met and spoke (Shouted in each other’s ears) with Tablefox and some other diehard fans in ecstasy listening to the boys.

Mid way through they played Thirteen Valleys and I must say Simon nailed it. Bruce then brought to our attention the fact that another Ginger musician, Ed Sheerin, was performing on stage with them and that Jamie had swapped places and took over playing at his Mount Smart Stadium gig, ah, Cousin Ed, you can’t tell the difference.

The guys continued on completing The Crossing and followed up with an encore of In A Big Country to end a fantastic night with many voices lost from chanting for ages through Lost Patrol and Chance.

To everyone’s delight Bruce announced they will be back in November 2019 to much applause and cheering. I can’t wait already!


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